Air curtains for industrial doors characteristics

Airtècnics air curtains for industrial doors main features are their high pressure, far-reaching and high quality.

They are solide and versatile air curtains, manufactured with first quality materials and components. T

hey incorporate german leading technology motors of our partner Rosenberg Ventilatoren Gmbh.

The industrial air curtains are intended to meet the needs of huge doors. Among its several applications we point out:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Fairground
  • Loading and unloading bay
  • Shopping center
  • Airport Hangars
  • Maintenance train station
  • Airports
  • Soccer Stadiums

We manufacture industrial air curtains that adapt to any kind of installation. They can be installed horizontaly or vertically, free hanging mounting, inside-ceiling surface or false ceiling invisible mounting.

Depending on the needs of each installation, they can be manufactured with IP55, with special batteries, for 60Hz, with special controllers, etc…

Airtècnics allocates the most of its resources to innovations for all air curtains range. This great work produces as a result more efficient air curtains that substantially contribute to the energy saving.